Log Home Restoration and log deck building project in Teller County, Florissant Colorado.  Log Home Finishing custom builds the deck from logs including the log stairs, posts on the log deck, and deck railings.  Custom built log decks allow for a great custom look.  Contact Log Home Finishing (970) 368 2308 to discuss the cost of log home maintenance and learn how log home maintenance ads value to your log home cabin in Colorado.
log home repair

Log Home railing and log restoration project Teller County, Colorado.

new log railings log rails

Building log railings on a log home deck, Florissant, Colorado log home restoration and deck building.

log home deck building

Building a deck on a log home in Teller County.  Colorado log home restoration.

staining log deck

Staining deck on log home cabin Teller County

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Custom Log Home Restoration
Custom Log Home Restoration project by the Log Home Finishing crew of log doctors in Silverthorne, Colorado. Damaged rotted log repair, log chinking and staining with Sashco products.
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Colorado Log Home Finishing. Company that specializes in repair of log homes. Removing old finish and damage from logs. Rot repair and log chinking, log staining.
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Log Home Media blasting project in Park County, Colorado, near Fairplay. Log Home Finishing uses corn cob blasting, walnut blasting, or glass blasting to remove old finishes and UV damage prior to staining the log home
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Log railing repair and log rail restoration Summit County Colorado. Log Home Finishing can repair railings on log homes and offer new deck and railing installation for your log cabin.
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Divide, Woodland Park Colorado log home restoration. Log railing replacement on log home, media blasting with walnut to remove old stain, staining interior and exterior of log home. Chinking with Log Jam Chinking.
Log Home Finishing project Teller County Colorado
Florissant Teller County Colorado log home maintenance project. 1970’s log cabin was stripped of old finish using media blasting. Stain is Sashco Transformation Redtone Medium and Log Jam Tan chinking.
Park County Colorado Contractor
Park County Colorado Contractor specializing in log homes and wood sided homes.
Pagosa Springs Log Deck Restoration
Pagosa Springs Colorado log deck restoration. Log super structure built to support joists and 1200 sq ft of trex decking and outdoor kitchen on this mountain log home. Log Home Finishing works through out the mountains of Colorado repairing log homes and decks. Repairs include media blasting, staining and epoxy repair.
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Colorado Springs Log Home Care and Cabin Repair. Log Home Maintenance in Manitou Springs, Monument Colorado log chinking, Woodland park log home maintenance company.
Repair of Log home Colorado
Log Home had become damaged due to lack of maintenance and UV. Log Home Finishing repaired the log home via removing old finish and restaining the logs.
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