Colorado log home maintenance and log restoration project in Colorado.  This log home cabin needed media blasting with walnut shell for stripping the old finish from the log home.  The log home was finished with Sashco Capture Cascade stain and it took a lot of stain to properly coat the logs.  The log home required chinking repair with Sashco Log Jam Chinking and the log home was finished by Colorado Log Home Finishing.  This prooject is in Ft. Collins, Colorado, Northern Colorado log home reapair and log maintenance.
Log Home Maintenance project in Fort Collins Colorado.  You can see the new stain being applied where it is grey and the unstained area has been recently walnut shell media blasted.
Staining a log home cabin in Fort Collins Northern Coloraod with Sashco Capture Cascade water based stain for log home.
repairing a rotten log with Abatron epox log repair epoxy on log home cabin.  This log home maintenance project is in Fort Collins, Northern Colorado.
Media blasting log home with walnut shell to remove old finish stain from logs and to prepare logs prios to applying log home stain.  Walnut shell is an excellent media  and the best media for removing old stain from log home.
Log Home maintenance and log home restoration project completed by Log Home Finishing in Northern Colorado, Ft. Collins.  This log home maintenance project involved media blasting wiith corn cob and walnut shell to remove old finish.

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